Raw IP Device Types / System Types / Dynamic Stat Schemas CSVs and JSONs

Written By Edward Beech ()

Updated at March 17th, 2023

These URLs point to the CSV files and JSON files that are updated each time IMS code is merge into the "master" branch (usually several times a day).

A brief explanation of the concepts:

  • System Types
    • System Types represent a type of external system that IMS can integrate with
      • e.g. Cisco WLC SNMP integration, MineStar DataShare API integration etc
    • As a customer you may have one or more Systems of a given System Type
      • Systems bring in the customer-specific and external-system-specific configuration
      • e.g. Cisco WLC SNMP integration for SpaceX Moon mining, Cisco WLC SNMP integration for Amazon Oil and Gas and Jupiter
  • IP Device Types
    • IP Device Types represent a type of individual device for inventory and logic purposes
      • e.g. Cisco WLC, Cisco Wireless AP, Cisco Workgroup Bridge
    • As a customer you may have one or more IP Devices of a given IP Device Type
      • IP Devices bring in the device-level identity
      • e.g. Comms Room WLC01, Trailer01 WAP, DT001 WGB
  • Dynamic¬†Stat Schemas
    • Dynamic Stat Schemas represent the shape of a table in the IMS Database and the shape of the related endpoints in the IMS API
      • e.g. Cambium SM Stats, Estimated Movement By Zone
    • Dynamic Stat Schemas invariably relate to System Types (though they may be shared by similar System Types, e.g. most System Types produce Uptime Stats)
    • As a customer you may have one or more Dynamic Stat Schemas, pending the Systems that are provisioned

System Types

IP Device Types

Dynamic Stat Schemas