IMS v1.13 and earlier

Written By Aaron Low (Administrator)

Updated at October 26th, 2022

v1.13.6 (2022-05-19)


Added support for OpenID Connect (OIDC) with the Azure AD OIDC provider


Fixed the error messages that appear when the user fails to log in. Now the error messages should reflect the reason for the failure, which will allow for more straightforward troubleshooting


Added the ability for an IMS installer to hide the "Contact FTP", "Support Ticket", and "Feedback Survey" help links to allow customers to elect to handle their level-1 IMS support internally


NEW - Huawei ETP48200 integration

Extended the WLC SNMP integration to show channel utilisation as a split of traffic and interference. Most WLCs will only offer this split for the 2.4 GHz channels

Extended the EFOY via Ensol EMI integration to collect error codes, error messages and temperature information

Extended the Rajant Breadcrumb integration to have alternate ways to infer trace information

Improved the reliability of next-hop data for the Rajant Breadcrumb integration

The IMS backend can be configured with a DNS refresh period setting. This controls how quickly IMS can respond to DNS changes when resolving IP Device hostnames

Fixed a bug with the processing of timestamps for the ESP-Tracbox integration

Fixed a bug with the collection of data throughput for the Linux network poller and added support for a new "ifconfig" format

Fixed a bug that would very occasionally cause an integration to stop returning data for any of the polled devices

Fixed a bug with the IMS agent integration where radio data would intermittently have gaps

v1.13.5 (2022-04-20)


Fixed a bug causing unwanted pings to offline AVI UE devices in the AVI CCMS integration

Fixed a bug causing data processing errors for the WMI integration

Fixed a bug causing the notification emails to be poorly formatted for the Cisco WLC Deauther

Fixed a bug causing some integrations running in remote instance mode to have RPC errors

v1.13.4 (2022-04-12)


Improved IMS backend performance


Fixed a bug where the Asset right-click context menu "Toggle Ignore Network Stats" did not cause any change in the child IP Devices' ignore stat setting(s)

Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause Assets and IP devices with custom forms to switch tabs without user input


Fixed a label for the CAT NAM stats, RX AMP average *rate* has been corrected to RX AMP average *period*

Fixed a bug in the Cisco Switch poller that caused the "All Chipsets" visible radio display option to have no lines for Cisco Switch IP devices

Fixed a bug wherein the IMS server fails to parse data from the IMS agent

Fixed a bug causing loss of data for Minetec MineOffice integrations

Fixed a bug causing some IMS backend lookups to be incorrectly built

Fixed a bug that could obscure exception meaning in IMS backend logs

Fixed a bug causing loss of data from MSSQL stored procedures integrations

Fixed a bug causing duplicated radio MACs

v1.13.3 (2022-03-08)


Improved IMS frontend performance


Fixed a bug with dashboard tab locking

Fixed a bug that prevented users from creating a new Asset using the Map right-click context menu

Fixed a bug that prevented the Infobox from showing data when selecting a Heat Map square in some situations

Fixed a bug where the Heat Map panel settings were forgotten when the panel was collapsed and expanded

Fixed the integration search widget on the integration tab in the Asset and IP Device panels


Fixed a bug parsing data in the TriStar solar controller integration

Fixed a bug that occasionally stopped data processing in the AVI CCMS integration

Fixed an issue where the OpenWRT poller would sometimes not correctly detect the hostname

The WLC SNMP polling engine can now be configured to get GPS locations using the MIB files "wappMeshMIB" or "wappApMIB" so that IMS can support a broader range of WLC models and firmware

v1.13.2 (2022-01-07)


The Infobox description field for Zones will honour new line characters


Fixed a bug that caused the bottom drawer dropdown to be anchored away from the bottom drawer

Fixed a bug relating to GPS parsing for the IoTBox integration

Fixed a bug that caused some pollers to ignore auto-integrations for assets

Fixed a bug relating to the handling of some non-number values in the Wenco DB integration

Fixed a bug that caused errors in the browser console on clicking an asset or IP device

Fixed a bug where some integrations would not return data if DNS lookups failed

Fixed a bug that could render an IMS frontend session unworkable if a view component definition was invalid

Fixed a bug where the zone history point ordering would sometimes be incorrect

Fixed a bug where Stat Browser filters could be on, but the filter widget could be hidden from the user

Other small fixes and tweaks


Extend MSSQL database location integration to include execution of stored procedures

Extend MSSQL database location integration to support iVolve through the use of a stored procedure

v1.13.1 (2021-12-15)


Added a configurable Asset label view component


Improved the performance of the backend

Improved the performance of the Stat Browser

Fixed a bug that stopped invalid Triggers from becoming marked as invalid

Fixed a bug where Trigger filters were not selectable for IP Device Log fields

Fixed a minor display bug when attempting to open a deleted Zone from the Activity Tab

Fixed a bug when bulk updating Integrations on Assets or IP Devices

Fixed a bug where read-only users were logged out when requesting to hide the IMS survey

Removed the non-functioning "source" filter option for location stats in the Stat Browser

Fixed an issue where IMS would not work with secure web gateways e.g. NetScaler

Fixed an issue where the RF transmitter list would not show anything once a filter was applied

Fixed the "revert" button on custom forms

Fixed the filtering on the Stat Browser for IP Device Logs

Fixed a problem where the location information in the Asset and IP Device panels would disappear

Fixed an issue where RF transmitters attached to Assets with no locations would be drawn in a nonsense location on the globe

Fixed an issue where the data source dropdown on the bottom draw charts would sometimes float far above the charts

Other small fixes and tweaks


Extended the Cisco IR829 integration to collect location stats

The AVI UE SSH integration will now detect and accept a wider range of interface names

The WLC SNMP integration will now detect client radios on the network, IMS can use this information to make clever polling decisions

Improved the detection and rejection of bad GPS locations in the Redline integration

v1.13.0 (2021-11-01)


Better filtering support for the Stat Browser; you can now filter by Asset, Asset Type, IP Device, IP Device Type, Tag, Zone and Zone Type where applicable

Support for 10 Log 10 fields with 10 Log 10 Mean and 10 Log 10 Sum aggregations available across Heat Maps, Charts, Map View and Triggers

Support for Sound File fields

Dashboard items showing Zone related data can now be grouped by Zone Type and All

Added a Fly To IP Device button in the IP Device edit panel

Heat Maps can render based on vectors when available

Added vector visualization support


Modified the backend to have a smaller memory footprint

The old Heat Map "grid resolution" option named "Very high - large dots" has been removed due to the confusing name

Heat map "grid resolution" replaced by "grid size". The option mapping are as follows:

 - Very High -> X Small

 - High -> Small

 - Standard -> Medium

 - Low -> Large

 - Very low -> X Large

Heat map "grid size" now supports a new smaller size, XX small

Clear login error message when an Active Directory managed user is not in any valid groups

Redesign of the Asset, IP Device and Ticket conflict resolution user interface which appears when 2 different user sessions edit the same item

The bottom draw charts now have render with sub-groupings enabled by default, given that the selected datasource contains a subgroup

Closing a new, unsaved Asset, IP Device or Report will now warn the user about losing unsaved data

Help links now point to a new online help guide

Stat Browser data selector is now searchable

Allow loading data into the app in smaller or larger chunks depending on application configuration which can improve loading times

Expired licenses will now restrict creating Assets, IP Devices and Integrations

Removing the default TX height from RF Transmitters, so the Asset height is used by default if attached

Timestamps in the Activity tab are now clickable. When clicked, the application time will jump to the clicked timestamp

Allow 1 second chart aggregations when applicable

Fixed Total Utilisation and Utilisation chart values

When viewing a KMZ in the app, unknown images will be displayed as a default marker icon

Dashboard item values will now round to 2 decimal places


Fixed floating Assets when toggling terrain on and off

Fixed guest mode login

Fixed the accuracy of the triggering/alerting time windows

Fixed a bug where the bottom draw would occasionally display the wrong chart

Fixed Filter Zones not being editable

Errant location data at (0, 0) will no longer be recorded

Fixed opening panels for deleted objects not working

Fixed deleted objects showing in the Stat Browser

Fixed some issues with browser caching

Fixed dashboard post aggregation filtering not working for tables

Fixed downloading JPEG images

Fixed numeric rounding inconsistencies in the infobox

Fixed inconsistencies with All grouping in dashboards

Fixed issue with ordering of imagery layers

Fixed Path Profiling occasionally displaying incorrect latitude/longitude values

Fixed issues with the Web App in offline mode

Fixed not showing a prompt when closing a panel with unsaved changes

Fixed dashboard item tooltips when viewing IMS on a mobile/touch device

Fixed an issue where IP Device Log service name and log file name columns would not appear in the Stat Browser

Fixed stats from deleted Assets and IP Devices appearing in Heat Maps

Fixed an issue with read only users being logged out when performing write commands

Fixed the "All" grouping dashboard option to include orphaned IP Devices

Fixed an issue which stopped the WLC deauther from running

Fixed an issue where the WLC SNMP integration would assign the same mac address to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio interfaces on APs

Other small tweaks and fixes


NEW - Ports Vessel Location Poller

NEW - Ports Vessel Movement (Berth Booking) Poller

NEW - Ports Vessel Metadata Poller

NEW - Ports Weather Poller

NEW - Ports Berth Metadata Poller

NEW - Norsonic Nor145 Measurement Poller

NEW - Norsonic Nor145 Recording Downloader

NEW - Norsonic Nor145 Calibration Scheduler

NEW - Huawei CE Switch integration

NEW - MineTec MineOffice API integration

NEW - Acksys radio integration

Extended the Nokia SAR7705 integration

AVI CCMS stat listener can correct SINR values when all AVI UEs are using the Telit chipset

The Syslog integration now supports a configurable filter to reduce the noise in recorded syslog entries

Cisco Switches which report multiple interfaces with the same MAC address will now have an index on the end of the MAC to differentiate the interfaces

Cambium PTP600 now uses "unit name" as default IP Device name, and supports polling over HTTPS

Cambium PMP450i integration no longer records RX rate as the value was misleading

Improved the general fault tolerance of data consumption when invalid data is produced

The WLC SNMP integration now honours the admin status and operational status and does not create data for the radio interface when it is configured to be "disabled" or "down"

v1.12.3 (2021-07-22)


The Infobox for a connection line will now clearly display "No Data Available" when there is no data

The Infobox for a connection line will update faster when the timeline is paused

When creating a new RF Plan, users will have the option to edit the RF Transmitter Template in the Bulk Creating RF Transmitters panel

When using LDAP authentication, IMS login will fail if a valid LDAP group does not authorize the user. Previously the user would be able to log in but would have no read access

Added a loading spinner when opening and loading the IMS web application


Connection lines now correctly honour the Asset Map Options -> Include Ignored Stats setting

Fixed an issue when SNMP polling devices that did not support the "sysName" OID

Fixed a regression with guest mode access

Fixed the save and revert buttons on certain custom forms

Other small fixes and tweaks


NEW - FrontRunner API location integration

The AVI CCMS integration will timestamp data according to the most recent out of the AVI system timestamp or the AVI GPS timestamp, which should provide a more reliable timestamp than relying on a single source

The Dispatch 6 DB integration can now optionally take into account the "delay" state for poll/not-poll IP device decisions

Improved the BULKSNMPWALK implementation

Improved handling of errors when polling the MineStar Data Share API

Fixed the Cambium PTP600 integration parsing for the host mac address field

v1.12.2 (2021-06-10)


Added support for sending SMS alert notifications via the SMSEagle hardware SMS gateway


Asset Tag and IP Device Tag are now filterable items for the "Connections As Client" and "Connection Distance as Client" Dashboard Item data sources


Fixed a bug where comment panels were un-scrollable

Fixed a bug where map layers required a show/hide toggle for them to render correctly

Fixed a bug where specific reports would fail to run

Fixed a bug where too many Activity Page rows would slow down IMS performance

Fixed a bug where Assets would occasionally disappear from the map when zooming in

Other small fixes and tweaks


NEW - NetModule NB1600 series UE integration

Fixed the Cisco WGB integration occasionally over-reporting utilisation due to the WGB un-expectantly reporting zero for byte counters

v1.12.1 (2021-05-05)


Fixed a bug where the scroll position of the Stat Browser would reset after a data refresh

Some small tweaks and fixes


Improved reliability of the clock drift check between the IMS server, the browser and the internet (if the internet is available)


Added collection of daily float time to the TriStar MPPT integration

v1.12.0 (2021-04-19)


MAJOR: IMS now has a licensing feature to control subscriptions. Please contact us for more information on how this feature will affect your installation

MAJOR: Assets now have a height value used in RF Planning to assign an RF Transmitter height automatically. An Asset's default height is defined by its' Asset Type but can be manually overridden

MAJOR: Assets and RF Transmitted heights are now visualised to scale in 3D mode

The source of location stats are now shown in the Infobox and the Stat Browser

Tickets can now be associated with many Assets, IP Devices and Zones

Added the ability for charts to group by a dynamic stat's subgroup

Added tiered measurement units for dynamic stats, which will allow adaptive displaying of data. E.g. When displaying area, the value will display as cm2 for small values and km2 for very large values

Charts will now handle datasets with a very small Y-axis range

Dynamic stats can now store low resolution/thumbnail images

Reports can now be configured to run with a custom frequency

Tickets can now be filtered by archived / not archived / both. Previously only archived / not archived filtering was available

Assets can now be created directly on the map by right-clicking on the map and choosing "Create Asset here"

Added a "Marker Pin" asset type. These can be directly created on the map by right-clicking on the map and choosing "Create Marker Pin here"

The Integration lists in the Asset and IP Device panels can now be filtered


Fixed a bug in the Asset Map Options when grouping by IP Device tags where filter text did not affect untagged IP Devices

Users are now able to chart IP device stats and radio stats for orphaned IP Devices

Fixed a bug where a newly created Zone label would not display if the timeline was paused

Other small tweaks and fixes


The user is now notified if the browser detects a clock drift between the IMS server, the browser and the internet (if the internet is available)

More entries are now visible at once in dropdown selectors

Improved Zone drawing performance on the Map

Most large dropdowns in IMS have now been replaced with a filterable dropdown widget

Pollers can now be configured with a named time zone (e.g. Australia/Perth) instead of a fixed offset. Correctly configured pollers will then react automatically to daylight savings

There is now a "comments count" row for Assets and IP Devices in the infobox. Clicking on this count will open the comments panel for that Asset or IP Device

LDAP querying performance has been greatly improved

The Heat Map "filter data" section now has clear input validation

The Heat Map "filter data - matches pattern" option now applies the filter text as a regular expression for string fields

The Heat Map "filter data - contains" option has been simplified to check whether the filter text can be found in a string field

All stat columns are now heat-mappable. By default, the data points will be drawn as white squares

The Asset and IP Device integration tab has been redesigned into collapsible rows for the "Recommended" and "Other" integration categories

General backend stability improvements

Other small changes and improvements


Added Cisco WLC SNMP integration

Added Huawei HiLink integration

AVI UE SSH integration now records GCID, PCID and band

Reworked the CAT Network Access Monitor Listener integration to record richer data using "NAM Stats"

Reworked the Wenco FMSDB integration to record "Octagon Stats" instead of using a legacy data model. Note there are no new data fields

Implementation of BULKSNMPWALK in some integrations for improved performance

Deprecating MPPT polling via modbus over HTTP

v1.11.5 (2021-04-15)


Improved Ubiquiti LiteStation2 poller to be more tolerant of poor connectivity

The AVI UE SSH poller now produces AVI UE stats which records LTE band, GCID and PCID

v1.11.4 (2021-03-26)


Added Minetec Bridge Unit IP Device Type

Permit an "any" option for Asset Type and IP Device Type when bulk creating RF Transmitters

Support for overlaying a simple image on the map


Fixed Heat Maps not filtering by the selected site

Fixed IP Device Logs not filtering by the selected site

Fixed handling of an errant Bing Imagery request that could cause the map background to appear black

Fixed AVI CCMS data forwarder occasionally missing data

Fixed handling of missing GPS data in Redline poller

Fixed timestamp parsing of syslogs sent from AVI UE devices

Fixed a bug where some invalid triggers were not being marked as invalidated

Fixed ordering of Dashboard items when viewing a Report

Fixed SNMP Version poller not collecting specific formats of serial numbers

Fixed AVI UE SSH poller not accepting ETH interfaces

Fixed a bug where count-type Triggers were not showing their results in the UI

Fixed an occasional error when turning on some integrations

Fixed OpenWRT poller interface parsing

Fixed Dispatch 6 database queries

Fixed Radwin poller detecting if the device is a master or a slave

Fixed Redline RX and TX throughput values

AVI poller now uses a default PCID of 0 if not received from CCMS

Fixed timestamping of ping results when radio data results were delayed from CCMS

Improved reliability of DNS lookup when polling by hostname

The configured terrain detail level is now applied to path profiling

Other small tweaks and fixes


Added Ensol EMI v2 poller to support the latest firmware

Added Minetec VPC log scraper

Added Uptime stats and PCID fields to AVI CCMS listener

Added MineStar Underground Cycle poller

v1.11.3 (2021-01-05)


Fixed Heat Maps when filtering by radio or string fields

Improved stability of the IMS email service

Turned off nested LDAP integration by default because of performance issues in large AD environments

Fixed IMS-QL using the incorrect link between stats and Assets/IP Devices

Other small tweaks and fixes


Updated SCADAPack integration to support 2 EFOY devices being connected at once

Added AVI UE LTE Band Stats to record the LTE band being used by AVI UE devices

Changed LiteStation2 integration to record radio channel instead of radio frequency

Fixed Cisco integration from recording Port Channel interfaces as well as physical interfaces which was causing changing MAC addresses in IMS

Improved stability of OpenWrt integration

Fixed Radwin integration using the wrong OIDs for TX power, channel and RSSI

v1.11.2 (2020-12-07)


Improved backend CacheServer performance. Sites with a large number of devices and/or using DNS should see an improvement.


Fixed regression where the default "color by" option for an Asset or Zone used the base color for the Asset or Zone. Now the default is the first "real" stat field in the drop down

Fixed regression in the Activity Page where the user was not able to filter by an individual IMS object, e.g. Asset or IP device

Fixed an issue where polling Ubiquiti AirOS devices would produce duplicate radio stats for the same MAC address when a sub-interface was present

Fixed an issue where the Radwin integration would sometimes not form links between a HSU and a HBS

Fixed Aviat integration collection of min TX power and max TX power values

Fixed an error that occasionally occurred when the connection between the browser and API was not reliable

Fixed link quality colouring for the Cambium integration

Fixed some incorrect data values for the EFOY via EMI integration

Fixed the BreadCrumb integration so that it collects partial data, instead of no data, if the BCAPI trace operation fails

Other small tweaks and fixes


NEW - Solar controller via Eltek Smartpack integration

AVI CCMS integration now has the ability to use band plus PCID information to identify a base station

AVI UE SSH integration now collects RSSI information

v1.11.1 (2020-11-06)


MAJOR: Base Colours for Assets, IP Devices and Zones are now user configurable. These colours are used in charts and reports, and for some stats, and are able to be displayed on the map

Added clickable links to Assets, IP Devices, Interfaces and Zones in the infobox to allow them to be easily viewed

Added the ability to alert on strings (text) in aggregate triggers via a new condition type of 'any row' and matchers of 'regex', 'contains', 'does not contain' and more

Path Profile panel now displays distance in the chart tooltip

Path Profile panel now displays azimuth, elevation and distance for line segments

Path Profile panel now displays latitude and longitude for points

Added better imagery support for WMS v1.1.0 and v1.1.1

It is now possible to add only new transmitters that match a filter to an RF Plan, rather than all transmitters

The radio stat dropdown order for the bottom draw charts can now be reconfigured by FTP

Added the ability to filter by foreign keys in Heat Maps for some stats

Empty datasets can be removed from charts (enabled by default) to improve the readability of the tooltip


Prevent system names from being selected when double clicking 'show disabled' in the integration panel

No longer show field name for location count Heat Maps since it doesn't make sense

Improve performance of the CacheServer backend process to reduce server load

Improved resiliency of SSH connector for high latency servers

Dropdowns/selectors are now sorted alphabetically throughout IMS

Added icons to various buttons around IMS

Significantly improved the performance of IMS when there are a large number of Zones

Improved synchronisation of RF Plan changes between IMS sessions

Heat maps will now better handle poor connections while loading data and will automatically retry at the data 'chunk' level

Minor improvements to IMS Imagery Server

If a Heat Map hits the fetch limit it now uses an orange warning colour rather than a red error colour

Improved trigger support for stats with a Zone parent

Added Interfaces and Tags to the audit log

Improved the performance of post-aggregate dashboard item filters

The "fly to" button in the Asset panel has been changed from a button to a link

Other small changes and improvements


Fixed an issue that could cause a delay when toggling zone visibility if the timeline is paused

Fixed a few stability issues with frontend help tours

Fixed a display issue where Trigger placeholder text could be cut off

Fixed an issue that could cause the frontend to crash when entering a new location via text input

Made a number of small bug and stability fixes to RF Transmitters

Fixed an issue that stopped center panel items from being re-orderable by dragging

Fixed an issue that caused the initial rotation/height of the site view to ignore custom configured values

Fixed an edge case in transition triggers that would occasionally cause them to hold onto old data

Fixed an issue that stopped the user from being able to horizontally scroll the infobox with a large number of selected assets

Fixed an issue that displayed 'Failed to save integration' when toggling integrations for Assets

Fixed an issue that could stop you being able to clear a date/time selector in tickets and save it

Fixed an issue that caused the chart legend panel to display 'page 1' no matter which page you were on

Grouping by 'All' for a dashboard table no longer errantly displays an 'unknown group' table header

Fixed an issue that caused the user to be unable to save a new parent problem for an incident ticket

Other small tweaks and fixes


NEW - Added a Huawei eSight integration for alarms

NEW - Added an Aviat integration for alarms

NEW - NEC iPaso integration

NEW - Trimble BX992 integration

NEW - EFOY via Ensol EMI integration

NEW - Motorola MOTOLOCATOR Location Tracking solution integration

NEW - Solar Charger via Victron Energy Controller integration

Aviat poller - No longer requires web scraping and now runs purely off SNMP

Aviat poller - Added many new types of data

Adding support for running the Cambium PTP820 in multi carrier ABC mode

Changed the AVI UE SSH poller to get cell data by a more efficient means (ubus instead of atmon)

Added support for polling MSSQL databases via an encrypted connection

Some fixes for SCADAPack EFOY polling

Made several improvements and bug fixes to the Rajant Breadcrumb poller

When a Redline device reports 0dbm of noise it is now recorded as null

The MAC assigned to a Redline radio interface is now guaranteed to be unique

Other minor poller bug fixes and improvements

v1.11.0 (2020-09-02)


RF plans can now have transmitters bulk added and deleted after the plan has been created

Bulk added transmitters are now created based on the selected RF Plan's transmitter template

RF plans for Cisco WAPs now honour disabled radios (no longer need to edit RF transmitters to reflect this)

Removed requirement for large TCP port range to support poll/not-poll IP device decisions based on asset location stat recency (simplifies firewall flows for most distributed IMS deployments)

Improved IMS database storage efficiency

Improved performance of automated database maintenance

Integrations for IP devices are now filtered down to a "recommended" list by default


Added new icons to a few areas around IMS such as the RF Planning panel

Added better invalid and changed form messaging to the Admin page

Added in-progress spinner and save button disabling during saving to the Admin page

Improved keyboard data entry for the date/time widgets when editing Reports

Other small tweaks and improvements


Fixed charts aggregated by count incorrectly showing the unit of the data source

Fixed Ubiquiti AirOS SSH polled devices reporting incorrect IP when IP-aliases are configured

Fixed Z-offset for path profile anchors not appearing above assets at some zoom levels

Fixed zone labels disappearing beneath the terrain when in 3D mode

Fixed some data sanity issues with SCADAPack devices on Simark trailers

Fixed Cisco WGB MCS rate index mask handling

Fixed triggers sending out duplicate alert emails

Fixed IP devices refusing to accept / overwriting user changes to IP and MAC for some pollers

Fixed insane data on Telnet / SSH timeout due to internal buffer not being reset on disconnect/reconnect

Fixed changes to terrain providers not honouring configuration changes within the user's browser session

Fixed regression wherein units did not appear on charts

Fixed some date/time inputs ignoring numeric keypad keystrokes

Fixed failure to create statistics for PTP820s when ethernet interface is down (e.g. polled via RF interface)

Fixed handling of MineStar API integration being unable to access the operator endpoint

Fixed triggers incorrectly including latest stat before the time window for non-state stat types

Fixed the API admin interface for updating IP Device Type configurations

Fixed the display of location stats in the infobox

Fixed the display of solar controller stats in the infobox

Other small tweaks and fixes


Added support for generating dynamic stats from data adjacent to location data in MSSQL databases

Added support for polling Nokia 7705 LTE UE devices

Improved RAD / Radwin PTP + PtMP polling efficiency and fixed some data sanity

Added support for polling Cisco WGB uptime and version

Added support for polling Cisco IR829 LTE UE devices

Added support for polling AVI LTE UE devices directly

Handle occasionally insane TX power values reported by Ubiquiti AirOS polled devices

Improved Redline polling efficiency and added additional data fields

v1.10.1 (2020-07-03)


Improved backend performance when polling large numbers of devices


Fixed the RF Plan name input to invalidate on a blank name

Fixed activity log entries for bulk Asset and IP Device deletions

Fixed the tx/rx link rate calculation for the Radwin 5000x poller

Fixed an issue that could cause RF Transmitters to not be properly cleaned up when an RF Plan is deleted

Fixed some occasional parse errors in the Fluidmesh poller

v1.10.0 (2020-06-19)


MAJOR: Added the ability to hide results in dashboard items based on filtering the final data

MAJOR: Added the ability to filter Heat Maps by any field in the specified stat

MAJOR: Location data is now available to color by and Heat Map

The Stat Browser CSV export feature now allows exporting a much larger number of rows much more quickly

The Stat Browser is now considerably faster, and shows many more rows by default

The Stat Browser now displays the number of rows that loaded

The Stat Browser now has location stats available for browsing

The Stat Browser timestamps are now clickable and jump IMS to the displayed time

Added time zone to CSV exports

Colored indicators now appear in the infobox matching the map icon

Added selectable pixels per Km resolution for RF Plans

Added a spinner to indicate that the on-click RF Plan is generating

Added the ability to enable a black outline for connection lines to improve visibility via the admin page

Added 'cost' to both connection line coloring and the connection infobox (where relevant)

Added support for unicode MAC addresses in SNMP Traps

Improved trigger performance in certain cases

Reduced the performance impact of having RF Transmitters visible

The connection distance charts now exclude mobile devices that have data more than 90 seconds old

The manage tab is now more performant

Added the Heat Map resolution option, which controls the size of the underlying Heat Map grid and the size of the Heat Map dots drawn on that grid


Added a warning for high terrain detail levels

Chart tooltips are now ordered by value for easier viewing

Charts will now show tooltips for all groups up to a max of 50 - previous max was 12

Improved backend performance when polling large numbers of devices

Changed vertical chart lines indicating current time to dashed lines for clearer differentiation

Changed 'MW' to 'MILLIWATTS' in RF Planning Transmitter UI

The RF Plan generated toast will now tell you if it had to automatically lower the pixels per km resolution for performance reasons

Improved support for hostname resolution for sites using DHCP

Moved 'List Overview' to the top of the manage page view options

A warning is now displayed when hitting the max number of tabs in the dashboard

Throughput now defaults to bits instead of bytes

The trigger UI option for "Include inactive radio stats" has now been INVERTED to be "Only alert if Radio is known to be uplink" for clarity

Select filtered is now additive in the manage page (i.e. it now functions like the quicklist) for consistency

The Asset Mover now allows you to drag the map without placing the new Asset location

Improved the 'last seen' auto-polling logic

When 'Visible Radios' is set to 'Selected' it now shows nothing when nothing is selected instead of all

Comments now update in real time as new comments are added

The 'max rows' input in the Stat Browser no longer clamps to the nearest 25

Removed the Heat Map -> Aggregation -> None option as it was misleading. This legacy functionality can be accessed with Heat Map -> Resolution -> Very Fine - Large Dots

Improvements to various help panels around the place

Bulk delete in the manage tab is now more stable for deleting large numbers of assets, and has improved performance

The backend is now significantly faster at processing location data

The radio dropdown in RF Transmitters now shows the parent IP Device in parentheses if the radio name is not clear

Tweaked style of center panel expand/collapse bars to make scrolling via the scrollbar easier in the left panels

Other small UI tweaks and improvements


Fixed an issue that could cause RF Transmitters to 'jump around' on the screen with 3D mode enabled

Fixed an issue that could cause the datetime picker in the utility bar to be cut off

Fixed a regression that removed the prompt to confirm not saving a new tag

Fixed some stability-related bugs with reports

Fixed an issue that could cause pollers to sometimes become 'stuck'

Fixed an issue with the share link not sharing the camera position

Fixed an issue that caused indicators to not immediately show when using a share link

Fixed an issue that stopped you from editing Zone descriptions

Fixed an issue that caused Zone labels to be incorrectly offset on very small zones

Fixed an issue that could cause Priority and Status fields to be blank when creating an incident from a problem ticket

Fixed an issue that caused tags not to be visibly synchronised between IMS windows unless you closed the asset and re-opened it

Fixed ANT file URL in RF Transmitters

Fixed several issues with Firefox, which is now a supported Web Browser

Fixed an issue that could cause the time to display as 24:xx instead of 00:xx

Fixed an issue that could cause too many items to appear in an Activity tab

Fixed a few bugs with Redline polling

Fixed an issue that would cause Fluidmesh devices to occasionally report 0 RSSI

Fixed incorrect throughput scaling for Fluidmesh devices

Fixed a rare issue that would occasionally prevent you from re-duplicating a duplicated dashboard item

Fixed a memory leak that occurred with constantly failing MS SQL connections

Fixed an issue that could cause stats with deleted Asset/IP Device parents to show in the Stat Browser

Fixed an issue that would cause the activity page to now allow users without admin permissions to filter by user

Fixed an issue that could cause an invalid map layer to stop other map layers from loading correctly

Added back missing MIB files for improved SNMP Trap support

Fixed a performance issue with Heat Maps when 'Limit location interpolation' is disabled

Other small tweaks and fixes


Added support for polling Ubiquiti airFiber devices

Added support for polling Rajant Breadcrumb devices

Added support for polling SCADAPack devices on Simark trailers

Added support for 16 bit floats on TriStar MPPT devices

The Redline poller now pulls various new fields such as burst rate

The Cambium poller now pulls various new fields such as frame utilisation

Improved OpenWrt polling support

Moxa Trimble pollers now use system time instead of GPS time by default to work with old firmware

Improved stability of IP Address scraping on Ubiquiti devices

Improved Ubiquiti AirFiber polling support

Improved Fluidmesh polling support for newer firmware

Other minor polling bug fixes and improvements

v1.9.0 (2019-12-19)


MAJOR: There is a new Trigger Action that lets the user specify an Alert to be auto acknowledge after a configurable amount of time

MAJOR: Improved FTP IoTBox support - Auto-add and the ability to control devices through IMS

MAJOR: Dynamic forms - IP Device Type and Asset Types can now be extended for custom data input

MAJOR: New 5 min rollup level for network stats - charts from 6h-48h should be considerably more performant at higher granularity levels

IMS now supports nested groups for LDAP authentication

The Asset Type field in the Asset panel is now searchable

The IP Device Type field in the IP Device panel is now searchable

Current selections and 3D mode are now included in the 'share URL'

Heat Maps now have a loading bar to indicate generation progress

Stats can now be displayed against zones

There are 2 new vertical lines on line charts to give a point of reference when working with multiple charts. The blue line shows the current IMS application time. The grey line will follow the mouse cursor.

There are now Problem Tickets and Incident Tickets. Problem Tickets can be used to group Incident Tickets together

Assets can now be coloured by Asset Type on the map

Assets can now be labelled by Asset Type on the map

Assets can now be labelled by stat value on the map, e.g. Connectivity

Imagery layers can now be excluded from the Map Layers List

Asset Options, e.g. "Color By" will be remembered for each View

Activity log now includes changes to integrations and reports

Reports can now be un-deleted


IMPORTANT: Battery voltage and panel voltage are now separate data sources and will require separate charts. Existing 'Voltage' charts will display battery voltage. A new chart will need to be created for panel voltage.

IMPORTANT: Some asset-level integrations are now automatically enabled/disabled as required (can be manually overridden)

The maximum count of time slices for a chart has been increased. This allows higher granularity charts over a longer time period

When using IP Device hostname to specify the address of an IP Device, the IP field will update with the resolved IP address

The user will be warned if an IPv4 address is entered into the Host field for an IP Device

The measuring tool is now accurate down to 1 meter

Increased default framerate from 40 to 60 FPS for the Map

Panel resizing has been improved

Improved consistency of button styling

The report panel has improved input validation

Improved the performance of the Manage Asset and Manage IP Device tables

Asset and IP Device panels prompt the user if they have outstanding changes on the General or Integrations tab

Text labels on the Map now have a thin black border which allows them to be seen more easily on light coloured backgrounds

The Trigger Alert History now has several fly-to buttons for an improved user experience

The IMS help wiki has been deprecated, links now point to the IMS Quickstart guide

The IMS API has now been split up into various worker groups to substantially increase the resiliency of IMS under extreme load

Improved performance of bulk updating integrations on manage page

Improved performance of table views on manage page

Other small UI improvements


Fixed a rare bug that could cause the application to fail to load, and require a refresh

Fixed a display bug in the RF transmitter list

Fixed a date display bug in the Asset 'update location' panel

Fixed a display bug in the Stat Browser

Fixed a bug when creating new Zones

Fixed a few small bugs with the measure and path profile tools

Fixed a bug that would cause stats to get thrown away if there were negative packet counts

Fixed a bug with multi-site IMS instances that could cause Assets/IP Devices to change site unexpectedly

Other small tweaks and fixes


Added support for polling Ubiquiti LiteStation2 devices

Added support for polling Cisco 350 AP devices

Fixed an issue that caused occasional errant panel/voltage data from TriStar solar controllers

Fixed a bug that applied a wrong timestamp to syslogs that did not contain their own timestamp

Huawei AR503 poller now collects additional LTE fields; RSRP, SINR, RSRQ

Added support for WGB MCS rates

Improved Cisco WLC polling performance when polling large numbers of devices

Cisco WLC AP polling is now more resilient

Added a sanitisation process to filter out extremely high or low errant temperatures from a TriStar MPPT

Improved the EFOY Fuel Cell poller accuracy

Other minor polling bug fixes and improvements

v1.8.5 (2019-08-13)


OBDBox will use the server's time if the time from the device is unreliable


Fixed an issue where the measuring tool would still be enabled when selecting RF Planning

Fixed a bug that caused the Cisco WLC polling to fail to parse channels

Fixed the automatic report generator occasionally capturing a loading spinner when generating a PDF

Fixed the handling of required fields when configuring map layers

Fixed handling an issue that occasionally caused the RF Plan list to not load

Other small tweaks and fixes

v1.8.4 (2019-08-13)

Text changes

v1.8.3 (2019-07-03)


Added the ability to select the data point limit for Heat Maps via a dropdown

An email is now automatically sent out to everybody in the contact list for a trigger if it is invalidated

Read only users can now create and edit their own dashboards

Added the ability to relate syslogs to devices via a MAC address lookup rule


Changed default asset data type for the network view back to connectivity from latency

Removed the 'disable trigger' button from the alerting triggers top bar dropdown. This is to stop accidental disabling

A warning will be displayed if you set the start timestamp to be after the end timestamp in chart filters

You will now need to confirm removing dashboard items. This is to stop accidental deletion

Terrain and imagery should load about 20% faster in IMS

Improved the measuring/path profiling tool UI

Changed wording of 'local time zone' to 'browser time zone' in the top bar to avoid confusion


Fixed a bug that could cause the IMS frontend to hang or crash when de-selecting a connection line

Fixed a rare issue that could cause the database to be unable to write network stats

Fixed being unable to view all tags when there were a large number in IMS

Fixed a bug that caused the 'show offline' setting to not always work properly

Fixed a bug that caused packet stats to be excluded from the infobox when selecting a Heat Map square

Fixed a bug that caused storage and process stats to be rolled up with less granularity than desired

Improved IMS's tolerance for out-of-sync timestamps between the frontend and the IMS server

Improved stability and reduced impact of IMS imagery server when processing terrain

Fixed a bug with the camera page that could cause cameras to be double-displayed when reloading

Fixed a display issue in comments when adding files

Other minor fixes and tweaks

v1.8.2 (2019-04-15)


Fixed a bug that stopped SNMP traps and Syslogs being written to an IP Device Log entry

Fixed a bug that stopped Heat Maps from drawing for null locations

Fixed a bug that stopped the Cisco Switch poller from identifying VLANs

Fixed a bug in triggers where an OR statement at the root of a trigger's query would result in an incorrect query

Other minor fixes and tweaks

v1.8.1 (2019-03-28)


Fixed a data migration issue that caused more devices to be polled

Fixed a bug recording syslog data when the syslog did not contain a timestamp

v1.8.0 (2019-02-28)


MAJOR: Brand new Heat Maps 2.0. Heat maps now support:

- Selecting Heat Map squares to view stat data breakdown

- Longer and newly customisable Heat Map timeframes

- New 'no aggregation' option to display raw data

- Option of disabling large-scale interpolation

MAJOR: Imagery layers and terrain layers are now configurable from the front end for IMS Managers

MAJOR: Added path profiling! Accessible via the measure tool

MAJOR: Radio interfaces are now visible in the new interfaces tab for IP Devices

Dynamic stats data can now be added to the network view

Added Asset and IP Device counts to manage page panels

Significantly improved support for LTE monitoring

Deleted comments now show the created timestamp if you expand them

Added a 'reset all local settings' button, it can be found in the same dropdown as the logout button


IMPORTANT: Users that are a member of the IMS 'manager' group will now also have read/write access

MAJOR: Removed 'poll even when offline' option from IP Devices, and added it to relevant integrations. In the case of a integration for a polling engine without the ability to check for online state AND where that integration's IP Device poll even when offline option was disabled, that integration will be disabled. This should preserve previous behaviour.

Fade hidden assets in the quicklist to make hidden assets more obvious

Locations no longer interpolate where there's a time difference of 10 minutes or more

Map Asset colouring dropdown options are now grouped by source stat type

Traffic light colours are now standardised across dashboard, aggregate table and map

Changed the default traffic light green colour to a slightly darker green

Changed the default traffic light yellow colour to orange


Fixed jumping to the last tripped trigger stat

Fixed a bug where map tooltips wouldn't show

Fixed a config limitation with dynamic stat colours

Fixed a bug that caused open assets and ip devices to not close when changing site

Fixed a bug that caused packets to now show in the map bottom draw

Fixed a minor issue with deleted assets remaining selected when bulk editing

Fixed a bug that could cause connections to not select properly in the map in rare cases

Fixed a bug with duplicate IP Device names causing chart items to overlap

Fixed a bug that caused the infobox to go off-screen horizontally when a large number of assets were selected in the map

Decreased IMS server disk IO load

Some backend stability improvements

Other minor backend performance improvements

Other minor fixes and tweaks

Comment counts now properly exclude deleted comments

Improved aggregate table stability


Improved 3DP Hornet poller (rate & RSSI specifically) and added channel utilisation

Added the option of polling channel utilisation to Cisco WLC poller (off by default)

Fixed inaccurate Cisco WGB poller visible radio Tx rate

Improved Radwin polling support

Added support for polling Fluidmesh devices

Added support for polling AVI devices

Added support for polling Siklu devices

Other minor polling bug fixes and improvements

v1.7.10 (2018-12-14)


IMS now supports per-site timezone settings. Users can toggle between site timezone or their local browser time zone. Date/time input and display all over IMS will adjust accordingly.


Various backend fixes

v1.7.9 (2018-11-21)


To improve readability, dynamic stat rows in the infobox with a null value will be omitted instead of showing 'Unknown'. This change does not affect network or radio data

RF Transmitters attached to a radio will be orphaned if the radio's parent IP Device is deleted

Dashboard items that are exported to CSV will now have their timestamps in the site's timezone instead of UTC+0

Tripped trigger count in the top bar will now blink to make it more noticeable


The infobox will now show 'Unknown' for SNR if either RSSI or noise data is missing instead of calculating an incorrect value

KMZ export now works properly with views based on dynamic stats

Fixed the ordering of map options

Fixed a bug where the location stat information in the infobox would not update when the time cursor was moved

Fixed a bug where csv exports were not being included in a report

Various other minor cosmetic fixes

v1.7.8 (2018-10-30)


The stat browser no longer allows text filtering when showing the latest entry by parent. This change ensures fast data retrieval


Fixed download CSV button availability on dashboard items

Radio / Connection SNR is now unknown if noise or RSSI is unknown

v1.7.7 (2018-10-08)


The Device Log tab has been replaced with the Stat Browser, which has more advanced functionality

Trigger stats can now be charted in the dashboard

Right clicking on the map now gives you altitude from the WGS84 ellipsoid

Comments can now be deleted (effectively hidden) on the frontend

Cesium Ion can now be used as a Terrain provider

Help (top right of screen) now includes tags for more powerful searching

You can now choose to colour radio stats such as RSSI by uplink, non-uplink and all in Asset options

A spinner will now show if you are uploading a file in a comment

When an email is sent out regarding a change being made to a ticket, it now includes the user that made the change


Changed wording of 'Group' in the center aggregate table to 'Device Tag'

Changed 'AP Connection Time' to 'Time Connected as AP' and 'Client Connection Time' to 'Time Connected as Client'

Integrations are now ordered alphabetically

Child IP Devices in Assets are now ordered alphabetically

Bulk editing options are now always shown in the manage page

Improved performance when loading the Asset and IP Device tables in the Manage tab

Indicators are now affected by Asset options the same way that Assets are (e.g. ignore stats setting now affects indicators)

The inclusion of ip device stats when colouring Assets and Indicators is now based on the stat instead of the current 'Ignore Stats' setting of the IP Device


Fixed a bug that caused the 'track asset' button to sometimes fail

Deleted Assets/IP Devices are now properly removed from dashboard item filters

Dashboard tabs now properly disappear after being closed instead of having a delay

Multiple fixes for Dynamic Stats including better bottom draw support, trigger support and map colouring

Fixed a bug that caused text filtering to not properly match up with selections on the manage page tables

Fixed an issue that caused only one filter zone to get movement stats aggregated against it

Fixed a bug that caused the infobox to not always instantly update when you changed site or view

Fixed a bug where creating a new RF Plan for 'radios' with 'all frequencies' selected didn't correctly create all radios

v1.7.6 (2018-09-17)


Fixed KMZ drag and drop onto the map uploading

v1.7.5 (2018-09-05)


Any existing RF Transmitters with a beam height of over 180 will have their beam height set to 180 (new cap)


Fixed an issue that caused RF Transmitters to not be editable due to having a greater than 180 degree beam height

RF Transmitter Panels no longer enter an invalid state after refreshing the page

Fixed a bug with setting count triggers based on Dynamic Stat string values

Fixed a bug that caused an 'invalid' message to incorrectly be displayed in IP Devices in some cases

Fixed a bug that caused the infobox to not show next hop MAC for unknown MAC addresses

Fixed a bug with only orphaned IP Devices initially appearing in the deleted IP Devices list

Other small tweaks and fixes

v1.7.4 (2018-09-03)


Some polling system configs can now be edited by users that are members of the configured ims_manager AD group

Added 'Crane', 'Other' and 'Scissor Lift' Asset types

You can now filter by IP Device Type in Heat Maps

The IP Device Type now appears under IP Devices in an Asset's child IP Device list

The camera angle and height associated with a site can now be set

Deleted Assets and IP Devices can now be filtered


IMPORTANT - RF Planning 'beam' height now has a 0-180 degree range, used for all horizontal directions

Manage page list now offers helpful suggestions to create an Asset/IP Device with a search entry if nothing found

If the 'fly to' button in the Asset panel can't find a location, it now informs you

Substantially improved map performance of Assets to be able to more smoothly handle larger numbers of Assets in IMS

Improved stat loading speed

Visual update to 'Alert History' tab for Triggers

The text case is now shown for email addresses in trigger actions

Improved the aggregation of data where there were inconsistent stat frequencies


Fixed an issue that caused rolled up data to be duplicated in some cases

Fixed an API bug that caused errors when proxying the API through an IIS server

Location stats are now validated more thoroughly to stop invalid latitudes or longitudes being added

Fixed a bug causing inconsistent tooltip behaviour around the app

Fixed issue causing the parent Asset field in IP Device to incorrectly register changes

IMS better handles missing location data in infobox/map

Fixed a bug that caused assets that had been deleted when hidden to continue to count as hidden

Heat map options are now correctly remembered if you dock the panel to the center pane and pop it out again

Fixed a bug that allowed the user to restore invalid IP Devices

Fixed a visual bug with zone selection

Improved the accuracy of RF Planning for .ant files where angles are close to perpendicular to heading

Various other minor tweaks and fixes

v1.7.3 (2018-08-02)


Manage page Assets can now be filtered by QR Code as well as child IP Device values such as host and MAC Address

Manage page IP Devices can now be filtered by host and QR Code text


Significantly improved the performance of zones in the front end

If not specified, terrain now defaults to Cesium World Terrain instead of STK World Terrain

Improved error quality for RF Planning

Small style/text fixes


Fixed a bug that caused Heat Maps to not display in the northern hemisphere

Added back the missing auto-refresh icon on activity log

Fixed a bug that caused newly added dashboard items on an unlocked report dashboard to be locked

Fixed a bug that caused dashboard items using incomplete Radio Stat data over more than a day to not correctly aggregate some fields

Fixed an issue where RF Transmitter panels could think that they had been edited when they had not been

v1.7.2 (2018-07-26)


Parent Asset can now be selected from the IP Device

Dashboards that are used in reports now need to be 'unlocked' to edit (button will appear in top right)

Cesium Ion imagery layers are now supported

Integrations can now be bulk updated

TX Power is now able to be viewed in map bottom draw charts and dashboard items (if data available)

A QR Code scanning feature is now available in IMS (disabled by default)

Added Valve, Rotable and Scaffolding Asset Types (hidden by default)

Added support for an ArcGIS auth token for ArcGIS map layers


Reduced stuttering when IMS is loading map data

Improved bulk update performance by several times

Improved performance of large table dashboard items (fixed poor responsiveness when editing table config)

Infobox now displays data to two decimal places for Dynamic Stat views & Infrastructure view


Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect bulk tag modifications

An IP Address, MAC Address or Host is now properly required when creating an IP Device

Fixed an issue that caused deleted dashboard tabs to not disappear from the list until page reload

Other minor fixes

v1.7.1 (2018-07-02)


Added CPU load average and normalised CPU load average to hardware statistics

Added colouring to movement stat dashboard items

When opening a trigger the last tripped value is now displayed by default


Fixed issue where triggers could be automatically enabled after the upgrade

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused a double-up of dashboard items in a dashboard tab

Fixed an issue that made a ticket unable to be edited

Fixed regression that stopped deleted Assets and IP Devices from being opened/edited

Fixed a naming issue that caused report csv files to not be able to be extracted/opened

Fixed an issue that occasionally allowed multiple confirmation modals to be opened

Fixed an issue that occasionally made the user button in the top bar stop responding

Fixed colouring when dragging an IP Device over an IP Device list inside of an Asset

Fixed issue where 'show labels for immobile' wouldn't show labels for all immobile assets

Other small fixes


Added 2 week and 4 week time slice options to dashboard items

Added further data validation to API

Added detailed error when attempting to restore an IP Device or Asset with a duplicate name/IP/MAC

Improved detail in other errors around the app

Closing an edited Asset or IP Device will now prompt you to discard changes

Tweaked size/style of a few UI elements

v1.7.0 (2018-06-15)


MAJOR: Reports - this allows you to periodically email out a dashboard to a list of email addresses

MAJOR: Trigger/alert history - This allows you to see at a glance if/when a trigger was alerting in the past

MAJOR: Movement stats - This allows you to see estimated distance and speed for all Assets, and also allows storing movement stats by the new 'Filter Zone' if you wish

MAJOR: New 'host' field in IP Devices. Setting this field will allow auto-configuring the IP field

Bulk update and delete of Assets and IP Devices in the manage page

Added comments to triggers

Improved map layers panel allows easy re-ordering and toggling of layers

Improved Heat Maps now allow filtering by selected or hidden Assets, and by ignored stats

IMS backend can now be split between multiple servers to poll different sites or systems independently

'Fly to' button added for Assets that will show you where the asset is on the map

Added various new options for dashboard items

Added 'SNR' to infobox, map and charts

The data from any dashboard item can now be downloaded as a CSV file

Known MAC Addresses and IP Addresses are now hyperlinked to an IP Device in Alert data and IP Device Log screens

Added ability for users to change their passwords where LDAP Auth isn't used

Added two new asset types: pump and radar

Many other small tweaks


Filter for creating RF Transmitters per-radio matches on IP Device Type 'AND' Asset Type, instead of 'OR'

Fixed a bug where a deleted asset wouldn't always get removed from the quicklist

Fixed filter by process where there are multiple process names entered

Guest mode can now be used with LDAP read/write group access restriction

Fixed issue causing poor performance when loading data from the Activity Log

Many other small fixes


If there's a conflicting name or IP Address when adding/editing an Asset or IP Device, the conflicting object will be named

Increased max Asset name length to 128 characters

Search box in dashboard item filter settings can search by IP, MAC, type and several other new options

Manage page performance is now substantially improved and can smoothly handle thousands of Assets or IP Devices

The color of the text for the group (eg. asset) in dashboard tables now matches the colour of the group in charts

IMS server backend now requires less CPU under normal operation

Improved consistency of save/close buttons in assets, ip devices, triggers, tickets and reports

Improved error messages app-wide

Improved tours and help

Added aggregation type (eg avg, sum, min, max, etc) to dashboard item heading

Many other small tweaks


Dynamic Stats and IMSQL have been added to IMS. These features allow FTP Technologies to add highly specific customised

dashboard items, triggers, or data to IMS to solve user-specific requirements

v1.6.3 (2018-03-07)


The text colour of dashboard status items automatically adjusts to be most visible depending on the status item color


Fixed a bug that caused occasional flickering in connection lines

Fixed a bug where ticket update emails would be sent twice

Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the selected map layer to not be loaded

Selected connection now properly displays in top bar

IP Device Monitor IP validation now works correctly


If closing an Asset or IP Device with unsaved changes you will now be asked for confirmation

When creating an RF Plan 'per radio', Asset Types and IP Device Types radios are created for the intersection of the two options

Added IP Device Type as a dashboard filter/group option for connection time, connection distance, and unique clients

Charts in the bottom panel now take the 'Include Ignored Stats' Asset map option into account

v1.6.2 (2018-01-29)


Fixed a bug in dashboard chart calculations when more than one tag is assigned to an asset or IP device

Undo / redo filter configuration fixed for activity log and device log

Fixed activity and device log load more and load less buttons

Fixed camera overview and camera popup styling

Several other minor styling issues


On-click RF planning returns for RF Planning 2.0

v1.6.1 (2018-01-16)


Activity log correctly allows more items to be displayed

Device log correctly allows more items to be displayed

Activity log doesn't lose filters

Fixed minor styling bug in Activity log with Chrome 64


Alerts are now sorted by last updated instead of tripped at time

v1.6.0 (2018-01-08)


MAJOR: RF Planning 2.0 - new RF Planning from the ground up

MAJOR: Dashboard tabs are now stored against the user and can be shared and hidden

MAJOR: New Top bar with simpler site/view selection and app state info (comments, alerts)

MAJOR: New connections system - you can now choose display options for connections such as visible radios

MAJOR: New tour and information help buttons around the app as well as searchable help in the top bar

MAJOR: Completely new colouring system for Assets. They are now coloured by mean, max, min, mode or median of all IP Devices in the Asset instead of one 'primary' IP Device

Comment counts are now displayed on manage page

The dashboard item legend is now resizeable

URL now stores open panels (can link to asset, ip device, etc)

New utility bar on overview pages to allow simpler filtering and standardised buttons

Dashboard item legend can now be included in the print view

The priority of tickets is now correctly set when created by a trigger action

Added the Critical P1 priority for Triggers/Alerts

Share link now shares open alerts, tickets, triggers, assets, ip devices and rf transmitters

Added new 'time slices' setting to dashboard items


Toasts no longer periodically pop up for active alerts

Center panels have been restructured and have new icons

Moved center collapse button from the bottom to the edges of the center pane

Substantially improved zone performance

Improved asset and ip device conflict resolution

Updated dashboard items to have a horizontal button list instead of vertical

Improved visual consistency of overview tabs

Moved incident, trigger and alert filter boxes from individual panels to the utility bar for a simpler search

Far radio information is showed under more circumstances for selected connections

Timeline playback speed option is now a pop-up selector

Colouring by IP Device AP or Asset AP now colours mobile devices by the AP they are connected to, and immobile devices by their own AP

It is now clearer which data page is being displayed in dashboard items

Clearer saved/unsaved/changed indication app-wide

Double-clicking zones now flies the camera to them the same as with Assets

More filters added to Incidents

Removed lock button from panels

Many other minor changes and tweaks

You are now prompted to add a new tag if saving an asset/ip device with an unsaved tag name

Alerts now show timezone and a more detailed breakdown of timestamps in some cases


Exported dashboard tables are now correctly filtered

Context menu displays lat, lon instead of lon, lat

Fixed an issue with file attachments not always uploading properly

Fixed an issue with sharing your view when tracking an asset

Fixed an occasional issue with denied write access when the api and frontend are on the same port

Fixed an issue where assets weren't properly hidden in the Infrastructure view

Many other minor bug fixes and tweaks

v1.5.1 (2017-08-22)


Next hop connection lines now increase in width when an Asset is selected

Downstream connection lines are now highlighted when an Asset is selected

Added pagination to legend for charts to improve performance

Added auto-refresh to Activity and Device Log tabs

Added asset location (lat,lon) to Infobox

Added colour by Connected Asset option to Heat Maps

Added colour by Asset to 'color assets by' Map Options


Asset types and IP Device types are now sorted alphabetically in manage page

Minor style tweaks and text changes


Fixed bug with automatically handling server/client time offset in frontend

Fixed issue with downloading files uploaded to comments

Fixed issue where duplicate comment panels could be opened

Fixed issue where custom selected datetime would not be displayed when re-opening chart settings

Fixed issue where chart heading wouldn't always update on changes

Other minor bug fixes

v1.5.0 (2017-08-11)


MAJOR: Added IP Device indicators to map view

MAJOR: Added a legend to charts with the ability to toggle visibility of items, and remember it

MAJOR: Added Device Log viewer module support

Manage page has a new table view with sort & filter options to provide a better overview of Assets and IP Devices

Dashboard tables now have a button to expand to size of content to make printing easier

Dashboard tables, Assets, and IP Devices now support CSV export

Dashboard items now support setting custom start times and end times

Dashboard charts now have set colours and orders for group items

Dashboard charts now allow filtering active/inactive radio stats

Quicklist is now persistent (remembers hidden/shown & expanded/collapsed state of Assets and Zones)

Quicklist now has IP Device Tag group option

Quicklist now shows the number of hidden Assets/Zones

Map Layers now support prefix proxies

Map now supports dragging KML/KMZ files onto it to load them

RF Planning now has configurable RSSI cutoffs

URL now stores what page/tab you are on with back/forwards button support


Map Options are now remembered between refreshes

Share view button now shares what tab/page of the application you are on

Updated dashboard table item style

Various style and polish tweaks around the application

API error responses are standardised and should always be json

Many small tweaks and changes to styles, text and presentation

Changed wording of 'show offline' to be 'show not polled' as it is more accurate


Can now delete IP Devices that don't have IP Addresses

Made dashboard max panel height infinite - fixes display issues for large monitors

Fixed rare crash caused by selecting invalid view option

Fixed issue with API Docs (/api/docs) not loading properly

Fixed display issues with some trigger conditions

Some compatibility fixes for Chrome 51 & Chrome 60

Many small bug fixes

v1.4.0 (2017-06-21)


MAJOR: New more powerful triggers & alerting system with advanced filtering, geofences and count triggers

MAJOR: New comments system with ability to attach images and files

Deleted IP Devices and Assets can now be restored

New pane-based incidents UI with notification email options

New "Connected AP" Heat Map coloured by the ip device that an asset was connected to - select 'IP Device' in asset colouring to see the corresponding IP Device colours

New Tx/Rx Rate Heat Map and asset colouring options


Improved Heat Maps with aggregation type option (min, max, avg)

Improved charts with better performance and better display of data

Total utilisation now shows you the cumulative total for the time period

Minor text and style tweaks around the app

Made tags case-insensitive when checking for duplicates


Fixed a bug with accuracy of context menu's lat/lon display

Fixed infobox not toggling orientation

Fixed formatting issue with printing charts

Many other bug fixes

v1.3.1 (2017-05-18)


Added total throughput (utilisation) and client/ap distance data sources to dashboard

Alerts now display the full timestamp and allow 'jumping' to the timestamp

Added indicator shadow when creating ignore stat zones


Tweaked activity log text for clarity

Changed central datetime picker to 24h time to fit in with the rest of the app

Improved performance of panels

Minor text and style tweaks around the app


Fixed infrastructure view

Fixed bug where comments and other activities were incorrectly ordered in activities tab

Fixed bug where closed/silenced alerts would stop displaying their alert data

v1.3.0 (2017-05-09)


MAJOR: A new feature "Integrations" has been added. This allows individual pollers to be enabled/disabled via the Manage page for IP Devices and Assets.

MAJOR: Overhauled activity tab that stores a full audit log application-wide

Re-enabled Connections Charts, with some tweaks

New manage page panel-based editable Assets and IP Devices with conflict warning and automatic change merging

New split pane view for map and overview pages

Server/client time offset is automatically accounted for in frontend

Site now changes on double-click of map site icon


Left and right panel areas have been replaced with a single overlaid panel area

Quicklist is now alphabetically ordered

Improved dashboard tables

General UI improvements

Several code optimisations


Scroll through earth bug has been fixed

Many other minor bug fixes

v1.2.6 (2017-03-02)

General bug fixes & performance improvements

Added hotkeys (+/-) and buttons for zooming in and out of the map

Added advanced settings for RF Planning

Minor text fixes

v1.2.4 (2017-02-21)

Fixed an issue where no error description would be displayed when an asset/ip device failed to update

v1.2.3 (2017-02-21)

Fixed a memory leak

API: Fixed a rare issue that could cause a build-up of long running queries

A few other minor bug fixes

v1.2.1 (2017-02-14)

Minor bug fix with visual height of assets

v1.2.0 (2017-02-14)

Large number of general bug fixes, UI tweaks and performance improvements


Various performance improvements such as stat loading and processing

New Heat Map generator - now supports large distributed sites

Improved chart performance substantially (especially on mouseover)

Triggers can now be grouped and filtered by Asset Tag and IP Device Tag

Tags are now taking over the functionality of IP device functions.

 - New tags have been created with the same names as the old functions and accordingly assigned to IP devices.

 - Aggregate table is now based on groupings by a special list of ip device tags.

 - Dashboard items can no longer be grouped or filtered by functions.

   Use grouping and filtering by IP device tags for equivalent functionality.

 - When editing IP devices you can no longer set the ip devices function. Users should add tags instead.

Updated tickets with improved filtering and the ability to assign tickets to users

New Features:

New 'Activity' tab that displays comment and ticket activity. You can now easily interact with discussions throughout the IMS

Experimental Microsoft Edge compatibility (EdgeHTML v14.14393 and later)


Changed option 'Force always poll' to 'Poll even when offline' for IP device configuration. The behaviour remains the same.

v1.1.16 (2017-01-12)

Minor bug fixes

v1.1.15 (2017-01-12)

Minor bug fixes

v1.1.14 (2017-01-12)

Added show/hide all buttons to quicklist

Added grouping options to quicklist (such as group by tag)

Ability to display info boxes vertically (old way) or horizontally to compare multiple assets side-by-side

v1.1.13 (2017-01-12)

Fixed loading data for server with time set in the future

v1.1.12 (2017-01-09)

Minor bug fixes

v1.1.11 (2017-01-09)

New stream data loading system for timebar

Selections now bold in quicklist

Improved alerts, triggers and incidents

Many other bug fixes and improvements

v1.1.8 - v1.1.10

Tweaks and bug fixes

v1.1.7 (2016-12-19)

Added chart filter by name

Updated context menu

Added zone selection indicator

Added closed alerts section

Changed acknowledged alerts to not re-trigger

Added ability to snooze alerts

Added measuring tool

Added compass

Added scale

Added ability for front-end to auto-configure its API IP

Added tags to Assets and IP Devices

Added ability to use tags for filtering and grouping data in dashboard items, e.g. charts.

Added forward and back navigation to dashboard charts/status views/tables

More subtle logos and credits along bottom of map

Various bug fixes

v1.1.6 (2016-11-22)

Last version before changelog